It's been a while, but one ill-advised mooch about in the attic and suddenly "somehow" all my 8th ed* Warhammer Armies books are in a pile by my bed...

Been having a good old read, and a couple of questions have come to me regarding the fatties that I thought I'd ask the good gastromancers of Warseer about:

a) Do the riders of Mournfangs/Stonehorns/Thundertusks get a Stomp in addition to their mounts'?
- I'd guess not, as what drives it is the overall troop type e.g. Monstrous Cavalry, although I couldn't think of another instance where something with a Stomp of its own rode a beast that had one

2) does the Lore Attribute of the Lore of Beasts kick in on a ridden monster; in particular how does this interact with the spells that affect the character bit of the ridden monster (e.g. Pann's Impenetrable Pelt)
- this I would assume is a 'yes', essentially for the same reason the first is a 'no', but reinforced by the fact the Attribute does work for cav/monstrous cav

Them's my guesses, but I'd love to know what people think (and if there were any definitive ruling from an FAQ etc - I did look)

*and a job lot of earlier ones too but that's by the by