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If it's mentioned by GW in any publication it's 'canon' (for the purposes of this project). Do you have a link to any information (I found the name on the German Lexicanum under M37 here, and a unmade page here)

Do you have a link? Or the name of the publication?

I've searched Lexicanum/ google and found nothing (other than this thread!).
Unfortunately nothing that I know of on the web.
As mentioned they origin from the Citadel Journal No 22 (Oct/Nov '97).
They were part of the (30 pages long!) campaign 'Heresy on precinct 13' featuring Arbites vs Marine scouts.
A few things I found while glancing over the article again:
-Founded probably M35-M36, Dark Angels as parent chapter
-Grand Master M36 Tristan Dare
-Attacked M36 during Vandires regime by an Ecclesiastical retribution fleet (after refusing to substitute their chaplains with imperial missionaries), only the tenth company survived.