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    Chaos Tau or The Tau Liberation Movement!

    What are the possibility of Chaos Tau?

    Picture this. A variation on the Farsight Enclave.

    As the Tau empire expand further out and incorporates more humans, they begin to encounter daemons through human pyskers. The etherals on one such colony died of sudden unexplained deaths. Before others could be send, the remaining fire warriors encountered a human saga that explained to them that the Tau race are being enslaved by the Etherals through mind countrol. The Etherals are infact not Tau at all and are an imposter race. Thous the Chaos Tau is born. The fire warriors begin a crusade to rid of the Tau empire of all Etherals to liberate their people and place the fire caste onto the rightful place of leadership in the Tau empire. To aid them in the grand mission, they seeked the help of Chaos gods and managed to conjure Daemons etc to aid them in battle through their enslaved human pyskers.... We can go from there...

    What do you think? Possible?

    Comments, Ideas, Suggestions.

    p.s. Who knows...maybe a army list perhaps?
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