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Thread: Why the Lack of Thousand Son and Noise marine love?

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    Re: Why the Lack of Thousand Son and Noise marine love?

    -sighs- I'm afraid there are multiple reasons here, which I know as a Tzeench/Slaanesh player who has been a fan of those Gods since Realm of Chaos.

    Khorne is the favourite son because of the whole 'Blood for the Blood God' uber-mucho masculine military appeal. There are ALOT of Khorne players, which means there's a bigger cash cow pleasing them. You can see this all the way through from 2nd edition and even Epic. Just check out how many daemonic war machines Khorne gets compared to the others in Epic.

    Father Nurgle's second in popularity, I think in part because he speaks to the little boy in all of us who remains fascinated by picking his nose. It helps that Nurgle's emphasis on physical toughness shines through on the battlefield, making Plague Marines consistently effective due to their tenacity.

    Going for the trifecta, both have 'cool' colour schemes and models, the Bloodthurster is just about the best mascot you could offer a wargamer. Nurgle offers a great deal of relatively easy converting opportunities as well as challenging paint scheme effects. Their overall themes are also quite understandably evil.

    First of all, Tzeench and Slannesh don't have cool colour schemes. Blue, purple, pink, white? The Lord of Change has an awesome name but... he's a big vulture thing ripped straight out of DnD and Dark Crystal... the iconic 'Evy Metal paintjob really doesn't help being blue and white. Not exactly what people first think of when talking about a scion of evil magic.

    Further with Tzeench, the Great Mutator might be the God of Magic but his psykers are really **** poor across almost every rule set I've ever seen. There's some hope for this with the Warriors of Chaos and Chaos Daemons books for fantasy, like they've suddenly woken up and realized that a Tzeenchian Sorcerer PERHAPS should be better than a Space Wolf Runepriest. Certainly, they should be on par with a Farseer. There's also an artefact of the the transition from 2nd to 3rd where psykers recieved a gigantic and much needed nerf while recieving a completely unneeded price hike. Psykers are only just coming back into balance in 5th but until we shake off the 4e codex and the rediculous price tag on the Aspiring Sorcerer we're stuck with an outdated notion that psykers are unduely awesome.

    Some people might be scoffing at the moment considering the Bolt of Change but seriously, what's the point of an overcosted lascannon that might not go off in a squad of AP3 Boltguns? Particularly when you can buy an actual lascannon for less points, better strength, greater range and better synergy that doesn't need a roll just to fire?

    Most importantly, someone wasn't thinking of sales when they came up with Pink Horrors. How the hell are you going to sell PINK forces of evil outside Hello Kitty? In the Grim Dark future of the 41st milennium... horror is PINK. Yeah... sorry, doesn't work.

    Slaanesh suffers from another problem aside from the Pavane of Pinkness. S/he's the god of perverse sex, lust, hermaphrodites and other such things the 12 year olds GW's marketing campaign is aiming for shouldn't really see. There's a guy who's Slaanesh army was banned from my local GW because HIS CONVERSIONS WERE TOO GOOD. You can't take his fluff and make it kiddy friendly, which seems to have been the focus of much of Chaos' development since Warhammer's average player age has gone down from twenty-somethings to tweens.

    The good news is that 4e did alot for Tzeench and Slaanesh in terms of making them somewhat viable, they're just not as competitive as the Khorne/Nurgle/Lash DP/Oblit combo that everyone raves about (which I have issues with these days, with the reliance of Mech in 5th). Hopefully, when Chaos' turn comes around, things will get better.
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