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Thread: Background on Fiefdoms

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    Background on Fiefdoms

    I recently posted a 1K list for a Fiefdoms army. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get additional background on the fiefdoms. I have the battlehosts book which gives some information on Pinnath Gelin spearmen and Pelargir Rangers, but are there any other resources I could use?

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    Re: Background on Fiefdoms

    WD 300 gives SBG profiles for many fiefdoms, as well as characteres to go along with several of those fiefdoms (some of which were then later re-released in a more official form). Anyways, the article gives a little background info on several of the fiefdoms.

    If you're looking for more official, non-GW resources, both Encyclopedea of Arda and Tuckborough are pretty comprehensive sites. Tuckborough is more thorough about listing sources, too, so you know which books to look into if you're so inclined.

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