Over the past 9 weeks we have been running a classic battletech campaign.

the game has been hit and miss with a couple players having real life issues taking them away on game night however we have managed to finish 8 of 9 missions to date in the overall campaign.
The group chose to play the cappellan confederation specifically warrior house hiritsu.

A quick rundown-
campaign ark 1-raid
the overall mission is to raid a mech repair and test facility. this is done over a series of 3 missions to "soften" the final target

Mission 1:
white noise-
unfortunately this is the only mission i failed to get pictures of-the goal was to secure and control an island bound comm center to feed the unsuspecting enemy false information and comm traffic. there was light resistance and the mission was successful.

Mission 2:
This mission was to capture if possible, destroy if neccisary a power substation feeding the static defense network guarding the repair facility.

Mission 3:
The vault-
this is where all the eggs come together-capture and salvage is the name of the game.

Now our intrepid maurader pilot having been knocked out in the last game requested to take over the next 3 missions while his pilot recovered-

Campaign arc 2-palnetary assault

Mission 1
Green smoke-
we were down players so we did a simple clear the landing zone mission

Mission 2
home sweet home-
the FOB is threatened-defend the base.

Mission 3
secure a nearby airfield to bring in supplies and re-enforcements

Campaign arc 3-search and rescue

Back at the helm i rush our intrepid party off on a rescue mission. a high ranking member of thier warrior house has been captured and it is tasked to them to free him.

Mission 1
hot foot-
sabotage has forced an emergency landing of the drop ship, but it does not go un-noticed. protect the dropship at all costs

Mission 2
shadow stalkers-
A new FOB has been set up but our plucky band is roused from thier slumber to walk waypoints-sporadic energy readings may mean enemy units are in the area.

Mission 3, the grand finally

you will just have to wait and see how they do.......