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    Re: classic battletech campaign log-picture heavy

    More fun..this time we took a moment to do that thing that everybody loves.....kill the woby kill the woby ....

    That's right fighting the nuke happy jihadists that everybody loves to hate in classic battletech.

    One of the players in the group built up a quad lance consisting of 2 white flames and 4 blue flames so house stiener accepted the challenge with a re-enforced heavy lance consisting of a
    .dragon fire
    .night hawk

    This was straight up no chaser those crazy blakists just charged straight in and no quarter was given.
    The first to go down was one of the white flames when the dragonfire put a gauss round through his face All the mechs on both sides took a beating (the cestus most of all on our side) but when the damaged was dolled out the flames took the short end of the stick loosing many legs and/or torsos.....killed them to a man without loosing a single mech, although there is going to be some serious hangar shop time for repairs.

    The WOBies just couldn't seem to put shots on the same location to save their lives, even with multiple head hits (mostly from small weapons) and many rounds of winning initiative.
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