I have been looking at the warriors of chaos for some time, and as an ogre player I was intrigued by the oppurtunity to expand but keep a simmilar motif. Due to this experiance it quickly lead me to a troll king throgg army; and here is my first attempt at a 2250 version

Troll King Throgg 175

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth 275
-Additional Hand Weapon

Chaos Giant 265
-Mark of Slaanesh

Trolls (6) 270

Trolls (7) 315

Trolls (6) 270

Ogres (8) 390
-Mark of Khorne
-Chaos Armour
-Additional Hand Weapons

Chaos Warhounds (32) 288
-Poisoned Attacks

Throgg goes into the seven man troll unit, with the two six strong toll unit providing flank support. The Dragon Ogre Shaggoth might possibly augmernt the middle tip, as well as the giant, or the two could run along the far flanks and go warmachine hunting. While the ogres and warhounds are the mid to far flank support for the troll center.

Any suggestions or could this not work at all?