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Thread: Trying to get stuff painted before buying more - log!

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    Trying to get stuff painted before buying more - log!

    I've recently decided to change this log into my all comers fantasy log. The goal being to paint more than I buy and in the future maybe go through my old boxes and paint the tons of warhammer I have lying around. Anyway I won't remove what was here previously. This started as a log for my Skaven so here it is:

    Hello there and thanks for stopping by! I just got a new camera so what better to do than to start a plog .
    Anyway lets get into it!

    I started warhammer when I was 7 or 8 years old with a lovely 6th ed boxed set. I played fervently up to an age of maybe 15 or 16. Then I had a looong break (3 years). But now at the end of last summer I got two of my nerdy little friends to join me and I came back with a vengeance!

    So we all started new fantasy armies, I choose skaven. This was just before the announcement of the new book so I have some monkey-men in my army <3. What drove me to this decision was mostly an agreement I had with my friends, that since I had so much experience I wasn't allowed to start an army which I already had models in. This meant that I couldn't start: WoC, BoC, DoC, Dark elves, Empire, OnG, Tomb Kings or VC ^^. These are not complete armies just a result of hobby ADD as a kid.
    So of with skaven I went. Their chosen armies were dark elves and WoC (if you're lucky I'll get some of their models up here but we'll see).

    We had a very slow start with me moving from home all the way across country to start uni. But by Christmas we all had at least 1000 pts of models. By this Summer we were playing 2250 and eagerly awaiting 8th edition.
    Now with 8th out were all entertaining the aspect of new armies, both me and mr Dark elves have started new projects. For me 8th ed is going to be brets! He choose an unruly herd of beastmen.

    Firstly I'll show you the pictures I've taken of my 7th ed Skaven army. Now I'm very new to photographing models and my lighting options are very poor but any helpful tips are more than welcome! (the army is mostly speed painted as hey, it's freaking skaven).

    Army photo:


    More Clanrats:

    Plague furnace:
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