Last night at the lgc, we got to talking about the recent codecies about space marines and some of the fluff in it and just space marines in general.

we all came to the conclusion that GW are dulling down the fluff so much that the feel of 'In the grim darkness of the future there is only war' has changed to "In the not so grim darkness of the future the imperium is nice to its population and lets face it, its not so grim. if the enemies are coming the space marines will turn them away, shake their hand ans say good show ol chap"

what we are thinking is, apart from the salamanders and some what space wolves chaptesr because they have always been a bit of a humanitarian bunch, that most space marine chapters are becoming to friendly towards humans.

when i first got into this game i remember reading a short story about an inquisitor. chaos comes to a planet, the locals win, but mr inquisitor purges the population even though there are no signs of taint.

i thought, wow thats mean, but in the grim darkness of the future.

and now its within space marine chapters to be friendly towards humans and enemies? what? so the tau and ultramarines fought together to fend of the necrons ok... since when would a space marine let an enemy of the emperor leave. no they would turn around and kill kill kill... they are there for that reason! they are the warriors of the imperium! not the diplomats!

and blood angels! the necron story is bad enough, but blood angels would certainly not let anyone know about anything to do with their chapter. lets face it, if an inquisitor found out about the black rage he would label them traitors, there is no doubt they would and the chapter and sub chapters would be destroyed.

is anyone else feeling that the grim darkness setting is becoming less grim an more, in the grim darkness of the future you live happily ever after.

it seems that the ruthless, brutal, tyranical imperium are becoming the good guys.

isant that what tha tau were? or is there some conspiracy that the tau were to nice so GW has to change the fliuff? I mean the tau were die or join us... the imperium was just die then we will burn your corpses in giant dead piles...

this dosnt feel right. does anyone else feel this way? or am i ranting over nothing?

this wont stop me from playing the game, but its pretty annoying and i dunno, maybe in the long run if the fluff keeps changing i might end up leaving for other game systems......