Steadfast seems to be the problem for me with 8th. It is not a bad rule, but can be abused by having billions of ranks on super cheap infantry and meaning knights and 'cool units' seem to be dissapearing from 8th edition army lists. Of course magic and shooting is another problem...but I have never had much time for magic, and shooting seems pretty balanced as most armies can spam shooting, which is boring.

Anyway, back on topic, would this make 8th better, as regards to steadfast:

If a unit wins a combat by more than the oponnents rank bonus, then they cannot use steadfast and instead have to use modified ld.

for example: 10 Chaos knights charge a unit of 40 spearmen (10x4)
-Chaos knights kill 12 spearmen.
-Spearmen kill, say, 1 chaos knight.
-spearmen have 2 more ranks, that is it.
-so chaos knights have won by 9, much more than the 4 ranks of spearmen.

they do not have steadfast. they can still re-roll with bsb, but at -9.

i don't know, but this would make cavalry and monsters much more fun, while still making large ranked up units better than in 7th