Bear with me.

As a Daemon player I have a rough time as it is. I like Daemons and think it is fun to play them despite the flaws they have. (Randomness, trouble with mech lists and suck). Flaws can be good thing in a army as well as it brings a challenge.

Soon I'm about to face the Grey Knight Release (my friend has been wanting them for years). Is this a bad thing? No not at all. I fact I can't wait to send my evil daemonic forces against the goody two shoes grey knights.

This got me thinking. What in most common soldier on the battle field?

The Space Marine of course. Thousand apon thosands of little tiny space marines do battle each day quite often against other space marines. (I'm not talking about fluff here).

So with that in mind wouldn't it be fun to create an army designed to beat the space marine in his 3+ armor, Rhinos and Land Raiders. Then you would give then some kind of bonus to compensate like troops chioces when they are destoryed come back on the table.

Of course this would never happen, but It would be fun to see Space Marines mowed down by the dozen and have to come up with Plan B when standard Plan A is not going to work.