So Dogs of War have always been a challenging army to use. 8th edition didn't really help, especially with the slap in the face that was 'Ignore all references to Dogs of War' in the Errata's.

But I was contemplating how to build a DoW army, taking into account how practically useless Pikemen are and how good some of the cavalry choices are and hence:

A cavalry DoW army.

Firstly, all of the DoW characters can be mounted so no problem there. DoW Heavy Cavalry were looking good when it was rumoured that barding would prevent marching, as they can choose not to take it, though that rumour turned out to be false, Heavy Cavalry are still just about the cheapest heavy cavalry in the game, and a core choice.

Light Cavalry are equally cheap for what they can do. 15pts/model for a harrying unit of fast cavalry or spear and perhaps a shield for a very cheap, but less durable/heavy hitting than Heavy Cavalry.

Choices such as Volands Venators, with a 3 attack champion and the desert dogs for their many benefits also helped the idea.

The only special choices I could take would be Ogres, which are pretty fast anyway, and Olag Khans wolf Boyz, which could work well on mass.

For rare, I could take some galloper guns, asarnil, and or tichi huichis raiders, which are pretty good, with 17 attacks from just a small unit.

So what do people think of a Cavalry Dow Army?