Hey all

I am not getting enough games these days as I know have to share my time between Johannesburg and a small dusty town called Grahamstown. So thinking of selling all my armies and getting that lovely Chaos army I have always wanted. However I cant decide which route to take with the army. Gonna buy it all in one go so I better make damn sure that the choice I make is the correct choice.

So the first of the two options is an Emperors Children themed list. Led by Lucius and containing loads of (my favourite) Noise Marines (no Icons) and Obliterators (I know its not fluff but I need the anti-tank so going to scratch build them to look like speakers).

The second option is an army themed around Abaddons 13th Black Crusade. It will have Abaddon and will contain elements of my most loved legions. Marines from Iron Warriors and Night Lords, World Eater Berserker, Death Guard Plague Marines, Black Legion Terminators and of course Emperors Children Noise Marines.

Listed the pros and cons of both armies. So my question is what army should I collect.

Emperors Children Pros

1) I get to use my favourite legion

2) Prefer uniformed armies

3) Sonic Weaponry is fun

4) Relatively cheaper

5) One day an EC army might become possible and even competitive

Emperors Children Cons

1) I am concerned that I will get bored of playing an army of simply Noise Marines and Obliterators

2) Very small model count

3) No real anti tank

Abaddons 13th Black Crusade Pros

1) I get to use my favourite character

2) Army wont get stale as I have loads to choose from

3) Far more competitive

4) Every unit will have a different paint scheme

Abaddons 13th Black Crusade Cons

1) Its not an Emperors Children list :/

2) No real sense of uniformity