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Thread: Running a 500pt tourney?

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    Running a 500pt tourney?

    I proposed the idea of a 500pt tourny at our local shop at the end of next month. The idea was to get some of the newer players to collect up to a 500pt list and for some of the older players to get some things painted.
    Here are the rules I have thought of so far, but they aren't set in stone by any means;

    - no HQ requirement
    -1 troop requirement
    - Monstorous creatures may only have up to three wounds
    -Total armor value of any one vehicle may only be 44 (each side added together)
    -No special characters
    - No characters may have more than three wounds
    - All models must be painted
    - All games are played on a 4x4 table with a one hour limit

    Like I said, this is supposed to be a friendly type tourney to encourage people to play.

    I'd like some suggestions for rules to simplify the tourney or any other critiques y'all might have.
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