Basically as the title says. I've been really interested in the game ever since I bought the beautiful rulebook. The mechanics of the game sound basically perfect to me, exactly what I want from a mass battle game. I also really like the more true scale of the miniatures and I used to be a huge Tolkien fan.

However, I'm really uncertain about starting for a few reasons:

1. The game seems to be losing popularity, heck I've never seen anyone playing it at any LGS I've been to. I am moving out to a bigger city soon though, and I'm hoping with an actual Games Workshop store I might find some players. What are your experiences with player population.

2. The game also seems to get much less support from GW, what're the chances we'll be seeing it in the specialist games section within a few years?

3. I've heard there are a lot of balance problems in the game, is this true? I'm interested in Elves, Angmar and the Fallen Kingdoms, would I be fine choosing any of them?

4. What is the average game size people play and how does it scale? I don't want to have to invest too much money into another game.

5. The amount of plastics the game has, I greatly prefer plastic to metal, especially in mass battle games. How are the plastic ratios, can most forces build a fully plastic army excepting heroes and more elite units?

I suppose that's about it for my questions. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.