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  • Chaos Daemons or Chaos Space Marines

    90 45.69%
  • Daemonhunters or Witchhunters

    50 25.38%
  • Dark Eldar

    30 15.23%
  • Eldar

    53 26.90%
  • Imperial Guard

    79 40.10%
  • Necrons

    34 17.26%
  • Orks

    62 31.47%
  • Space Marines

    101 51.27%
  • Tau

    39 19.80%
  • Tyranids

    43 21.83%
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Thread: What armies do you play or collect?

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    What armies do you play or collect?

    Pretty straight forward - take the poll, feel free to comment on the details here. Had to combine a couple of them due to poll limitations. Chaos and Inquisitors (plus the half dozen or so Spacey Marines).

    For me, I have a Daemonhunters army heavy on the Ordo Malleus and light on the GK - though I collect the GK as well and can field over a full company sized group of them.

    I also play with a Witchhunters army - entirely Sisters of Battle.

    Eldar - two craftworlds. Big games, I mix and match with them.

    Imperial guard I have two armies as well. One is sort of Catachan and the other is sort of Cadian/Elysian.

    I don't really play my space marines - but I have a crap load of them painted up. Most of them are for a custom chapter.

    Chaos flavoring comes from an Emperor's Children Legion. Lots of sonic weapons on vehicle mods, the Doomrider and Noise Marines.

    Since the new armies split daemons off - I also have a small Daemons of Slaanesh army. They don't get played often - but look nifty on the shelf.

    I also have a couple dozen super heavies and flyers which are either done or in the process of being built ranging from a Warlord all the way down to an Arvus Lighter with a few custom models in between.

    Still to be built - I have a few Tau battleforces, an Ork box and a horde of Tyranids that I snagged because I like the way they look (never bothered to really put a list together for them).
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    Eldar: 5200 points Emperors Children: 4100 points Daemons of Slaanesh: 2600 points
    Sisters of Battle: 3695 points Grey Knights Only: 5464 points
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