i wonder if eldar could work with an armoury instead of the basic options for seers, locks, auts, and exs. it seems stupid at first, but when you think about it having point limits and restrictions could make our characters really fun. there would be three sections; psy, equipment, and exarch powers. farseers would have a lot of points for psy, but not too much for equipment and none for powers, auts would have no psy, but more points for powers and equips. also, some things would be restricted, ie witch blades can only be on farseers and locs and exarchs are restricted in their wepon choices based on their squad.

it would be tough to make this work without really destroying the eldar feel, but imo it would be nice to have more options. you would have far more flexability in exarchs, so you could customize your aspect squads a bit, for example, giving crushing blow to avengers would make them viable for some cc, but you wouldnt have points for much else that could help em shoot or anything. what do you guys think?