One of the truly good changes to the new ed. was the special skills, and their addition to the campaign setting. So troops arnt just what you buy but gain character through the life of the unit.

I have some gretchen which truly illustrate this I think.

The gretchen were standard gretchen and found themselves under attack from a tyranid warrior brood, having no chance of surviving the shot away and by very good rolling they actually wiped them out. To congratulate them we gave them marksman skill.

Next game they were under attack from a tyranid brood and rolled very well in combat killing 8 of the 12 strong brood while losing only 2 of their own. Again good rolling, and gained prefered enemy [nids]. the boss also pulled a few teef and gave them some frag grenades.

Game after found them facing the imperial guard, and were attacked by a chimera, they rolled tank shock and a brave little grot immobalised the APC. After that we gave them Tank Shock, despite losing to the guard infantry.

I now have them as a troop choise in my ork army, 'Kobold Gretchen' and over the past year despite a few setbacks they have gained Infiltrate and Counter attack as well as Tank Hunters. It shows how well it can work and add character to your games.

Does anyone else have any experience on campaign with the skills.