Having finished a selection of scratch build tanks for my emperor’s children, I started wondering what I could construct next. I thought about defilers based on star wars dwarf spider droids (will probably still do these), stalk tanks based on Dave Taylors designs or a couple of subjugators. That was until I saw the hellblade.
I immediately new I had to make a fighter ‘wing’ of these amazing models, which are in my opinion one of the best FW have ever made.

For the project I plan to make a squadron or hellblades as well as my own lighter ground attack /reconnaissance aircraft, I wish to try and add a level of detail and ‘realism’ to these craft as my aim is not to simply copy the FW designs but adapt them and make them my own. I also will be looking at colour schemes past and present and squadron markings/insignia.

This project will be a sort of weird homage to my father, who works for Rolls-Royce plc as a test bed engineer and my brother who was in the RAF but now works for BAE systems. Much of my youth was spent walking around air-shows and poking my head into aircrafts insides, I have jet fuel in my blood and a love for aviation.

So with out further ado let’s get this project off the ground!

The first template i made in paper showing the basic silhouette.

Additional templates for the fuselage and cockpit.

Card mock up of basic design.

Profile shot of fuselage.

Rear shot of where the engine will be mounted.

WIP design of the ground attack aircraft, working title 'herald' class fighter.

C&C welcome

Im currently on the look out for good aircraft source books for inspiration.