I dont know if people remember but i used to have a space wolf thread awhile back, and i did have a lot of updates on it, but it died as i moved into a new house of my own with my partner and lost access to the internet for a long time

but now i am back!! and with my space wolves showing their new shiney armour off, all my models from my previous thread have either been dropped out or converted to make them even more unique

i plan not to show my models this time until they are fully complete, but as i am just starting this thread i guess i must give you some pictures to get what this army is all about

i was basing my space wolves on the invasion of prospero, long before the book was even mentioned (and even before their new GLORIOUS! codex)

so i hope you enjoy seeing them as much as i am enjoying painting them, i may even throw some backstory in here and there so keep an eye out and let me know what you think of it all!!

First up the obligatory pet shot of my cat....well, kitten named Squish

aint he cute? but an evil master mind at work i tell you now!!

right, now for models, first up on the model images will be my Wolf Claws (pre heresy remember lol). just 2 of them for now until i can get the unit of 15 finished

and next is one of my lone wolves, i had so much fun painting these guys, i dont know why, i think it was because these where the first new space wolf models i painted

more to come on next post ....................