Not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes. After putting much though into it i have decided that i will be using the wolves codex the majority of the time for my iron hands but i want to go a step further with having fun with this. I am starting to rewrite the space wolves codex into an iron hands codex. Now i know it won't look as good as a real codex, but it could help by explaining my reasoning for using the space wolf codex for iron hands by changing the names of characters, units, wargear and special rules to better suit them. Anyways, i am interested in hearing other's input on this idea and would love for anyone else to give me any ideas they may have so i can implement them into this project. thanks! happy.gif

PS- i'm avoiding units such as fenrisian wolves, thunderwolves, bloodclaws and any of the other real space wolfy stuff