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    Smile Please review and rate these missions

    These are the missions I am going to be running for an upcoming tournament, and I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to look them over and tell me what you think about them and if you see any loopholes or things that aren't explained well.

    Game 1: Late For War

    It can be extremely frustrating for a general to be in charge of an undisciplined army. Complex tactical procedures require refined skills, focused attention, and of course showing up on time…

    Other than the general, roll a D6 for every one of your units before the game: on a 1-2 that unit will start on the board with your general, on a 3-4 that unit will come in from your board edge on turn two, and on a 5-6 that unit will come in from your board edge on turn three. The units that come on the board are placed with the back of the unit touching the board edge after all charges are declared, so the units coming in can not charge but they may march and do other actions as normal.

    Roll for sides as normal, with the player that picked their side deploying the first unit (and then the players alternate from there). Scouts that rolled a 1 or 2 are placed as normal, but those not starting on the board will come on as reserves as if they didn’t have the scout rule.

    The player with the fewest units goes first. Roll off if it is a tie.

    -Have a fully painted and based army.
    -After deployment pick one opposing unit on the board and announce it. It must be destroyed by the end of the game.
    -After deployment pick one of your own units on the board and announce it. At least a portion of it must survive the game.
    -At the end of the game have at least one unit in at least three out of four table quarters
    -Over the course of the game, have equal to or less failed leadership tests than your opponent.

    Game 2: Mid-Life Crisis

    The feeling of getting old can hit people hard, leading to even powerful generals going out of their way to do crazy things to prove they ‘still can’. As the two armies meet, it turns out that both generals are in such a state, and only time will tell what brave acts they will do to mock Old Man Time.

    The battle will be a plain pitched battle with twelve inch deployment zones; however the generals must be deployed within 6 inches of the centre of the deployment zone.

    -The general must kill at least 5 models
    -The general must end the game in the opposing player’s deployment zone
    -The general must spend one turn doing nothing (no moving, casting, shooting, or fighting) as he shows off his muscles to the ladies
    -The general (and or the unit he is in) must capture at least one banner
    -The general must be alive at the end of the battle

    Game 3: Secret Goblin Drug Labs

    Goblins are typically up to no good, and one thing they love is to create new ‘brews’ to fuel their ‘creativity’. Unfortunately these labs can be more… explosive… then they originally planned…

    The deployment zones go right up to center, there is no ‘no-mans land’, however no unit may be placed within 12 inches of an enemy unit. Roll for sides and take turns deploying units with the person who picked sides placing first.

    Starting on turn 2, at the start of each game turn roll a D6 for each piece of terrain, on a 1 it will explode. All models completely in the terrain will take a strength 6 hit with a d6 wound multiplier, and all models not completely in the terrain but within 2D6 of the terrain will take a strength 4 hit. Look out sirs are allowed. Remove the exploded terrain and take panic tests as needed.

    -Have a unit touching a piece of terrain by the end of the game
    -Have none of your own units be wiped out be exploding secret goblin drug labs
    -During the course of the game, have at least five of your own units be in or move through terrain
    -During the course of the game, have at least one unit get into contact with a piece of terrain in your opponent’s deployment zone
    -Yell out ‘Boom!’ before your opponent when one of the secret goblin drug labs explodes
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