Ok so got back into the country for first time in a lil while, popped out shopping and was very pleased to see and buy me a copy of White Dwarf.

however my pleasure was short lived, i was reading through and whilst loving the look of the new starter kit white dwarf has changed. the magazine seems a lot smaller, and considering it costs more it bothers me a lil. as i read through though it seemed more adverts than i remember by a fair distance, and dominated more by LotR than before. I've always been a warhammer and 40k player and not a fan of LotR so it jsut seems to me from my read that White Dwarf has lsot that magic touch that use to make me buy it every month for 5 years.
Is it me being an ****, did i choose a bad issue to re-pick up WD? or is the magazine always like this now? so for all those of you that remember what white dwarf use to be like, whats happened? is it always like this, and if it is do you still all buy it?