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Thread: Waaargh Grimcog: An Unusual Looking Necron Army [56k Beware]

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    Waaargh Grimcog: An Unusual Looking Necron Army [56k Beware]

    This is an army i finished almost a year ago now, but as the Tournament of it's Debute begins to roll around again (and with the Goliath gang for necromunda from whence it sprang once more in action) i am finally preparing to work on the next phase of it's production. since i've finally got around to posting here (and thus, can create my own topics) i thought you guys might like to take a look.
    these have now been to 2 tournaments, and actually did really well in the second one

    Sometime last year (or year before last at this point) i got it into my head, then, proving its bloodthirsty nature, preparing the army did this to me...

    (that photo was taken just now, and it hasnt come out terribly well. it's also healed for the majority of a year, suffice to say, i sliced open my knee pretty much to the bone and had to have bigass stitches in)

    anyway, after taking a bunch of time off, i've finally finished the army (for now)

    and here are a bunch more pictures

    First, the lord

    then Da Nightbringa

    more pics when the mods approve them apparently
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