Hello all! Daemons are nothing new for me, or project logs regarding them for that matter. However, I have two very good reasons for creating this plog:

1) I am going to a GT in november and I plan to play with my 40k Daemons. I want to do a new force for me, an all Tzeentch list. While the specifics haven't been playtested or hammered out yet, there are some essential pieces that are going to be included regardless so I'll be working on them as I get through finalizing my list.

2) Awsome new Daemon models were released while I was deployed to Haiti this summer!! Combine that with a really fun Fantasy edition that was released, sigh, while I was in Haiti and I have all the incentive I need to buy more Daemons! To save some cash I am magnetizing all of the Daemons I am buying so I can play in both game systems. However, because I have entirely too many 40k ones already set up, I am retrofitting my troops/core with metal washers on their round bases and making movement trays for them. I doub't I'll ever play with them in a tourny and my friends are cool with me doing it how I am (we have almost no local daemon players so I'm doing them a favor by playing them in fantasy for practice).

Ok enough of that, on with some ground rules!

1) This thread's initial intention is to prepare my force for the 40k GT. Therefor, I am setting a goal of doing something every day to help me along that path. It can be paint, glue, theorize, practice, etc. But I have a lot of work to do so hopefully this will keep me motivated! Once the GT is over I'll probably just go on with random Daemon stuff.

2) A while ago I downloaded an amazing application on my iPhone, free I might add. It has the top 100 songs from 1947 to 2010. You pick the year and then it plays them randomly. I listen to that every time I sit down to work, so every night I will pick my favorite song I heard that sitting. I hope you guys like the 80s cause thats all I am listening to!

3) My camera, while nice for my purposes, is not going to take the best pictures ever for this. I love Cannon and its a nifty camera, but just want the expectations to be realistic when it comes to my photography.

4) I'm tired of listing stuff...

Ok thats all for the first post. My next post will outline my first couple of projects for the GT. I hope everyone enjoys!