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Thread: First try at 8th 2999 pt. WoC. What do you think ?

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    First try at 8th 2999 pt. WoC. What do you think ?

    This is meant to be a general any opponent list. I've tried to build it so it will survive missile and magic phases as well as possible , using a combination of things.

    Knight unit:
    7 Knights (MoT, Blasted Std. , Musician)
    1 Sorcerer Lord (MoT,Lvl 4,Talisman Preservation,Dispel Scroll,Sword Rending,Conjoined Homunculous,Chaos Steed)

    Warrior unit:
    24 Warriors (MoK , Musician , Xhwp , Razor Std.)
    1 Sorcerer (MoN , Lvl 2 , Spell Familiar , Enchanted Shield , Stream Corruption)
    1 Festus (MoN , Lvl 2 , Regen 5+ , Poison Attacks)

    Marauder Horsemen: 2 units
    10 Marauder Horsemen (MoN , Lt Armor , Shlds , Javelins)

    10 Ogres (MoK , Chaos Armor , GW)

    5 Trolls
    1 Throgg

    My idea is to use my larger Ogre and Troll models with the TLOS rules to cover my warriors and using Blasted Std. w/ MoT to protect my Knights along with a Nurgle Sorcerer using fleshy abundance spell to reduce any Ogre losses. The Marauders and Knights are my flanking and missile attacking units.
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