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Thread: Elves at Helm's Deep? (and other deviations from the books).

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    Re: Elves at Helm's Deep? (and other deviations from the books).

    I can forgive a lot of the changes, i understand it's difficult to introduce all the characters in the book and the film would be too long if it had every scene in from the book. I don't mind Tom Bombadil not being in the film, i don't mind Arwen taking on some of Glorfindel's role. Visually i thought the films looked amazing. The Balrog looked better than i had imagined him to. I thought Minas Tirith was stunning. The armour, weapons and all the props were perfect.

    I miss some of the intrigue and mystery from the books. An example is the scenes around Bree, when the Nazgūl organize themselves along the road and set up a watch system. Then at night some of them sneak into Bree. Also a cloaked figure that shadows the hobbits when they enter Bree (you later find out it's Aragorn) The same with Weathertop. They spot dark riders on the road, and dive down for cover.

    I also have a bit of a problem with the timing of the film, which i guess is down to editing. Two scenes immediately spring to mind;

    - The first is the weathertop scene, up until Frodo puts the ring on i like it. Once the ring is on and the Nazgūl are shown as Twilight Wraiths the film slows down. The Witch King slowly reaches forward, does a twirl, takes his time, shows his best side to the camera. Fair enough they want to show off the CGI, but these Nazgūl have been searching for the ring, that's why they exist, it's all they do. They are fast and ruthless, and surely they know their prey is physically weak. It slows down too much for me.

    - The second is when the fellowship is fleeing from the Balrog, and they go down those stairs and spend a long time leaping a gap, Gimli does that "Nobody tosses a dwarf" line. When i first saw that in the cinema everyone laughed. I remember thinking "that's removed any tension the film had trying to escape this big demon. What's the Balrog doing? waiting for them to cross over? giving them a chance?" Yes you could argue the Balrog is taking another route, but for me it ruined a tense and dramatic escape scene.

    There's other scenes in the film where the timing is all wrong... goblins snarling and forming a perfect circle around them in Moria, when 30 seconds earlier they were attacking the fellowship in Balin's Tomb. Why do they wait? there's other timing issues in the film, can't think of any more right now.

    But saying that, i did enjoy the films overall. Hopefully the Hobbit will be great.
    Never thought about what i'm dreading in the Hobbit. I think a potential stumbling block could be all the talking animals in the Hobbit. The eagles talk, wolves talk, even the spiders talk. It'll be interesting to see if they manage to make it look good. I hope PJ sticks with the White Council going into Dol Guldur, i really want to see that.
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