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Thread: Elves at Helm's Deep? (and other deviations from the books).

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    Elves at Helm's Deep? (and other deviations from the books).

    Now. From my memory the Elves at Helm's Deep consisted of Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir (who I think arrived with the Dunedain). How great would that have been; Rangers and the sons of Elrond turning up? When in the movies Haldir and the host from Lorien showed up I was aghast and when Haldir died I nearly passed out.

    This deviation from the canon seemed unforgivable, after all, Haldir and his brother (Oropher?) and the wardens of Lorien had plenty to do, dealing with orcs from Moria as well as the attacks launched from Dol Guldur. The Battle under the Trees kept them and Thranduil's bunch busy while Pellenor was going on.

    Now I understand that PJ wanted to give us a dramatic loss without killing a 'major' character but it still rankles with me now. I recently watched them again on bluray (the 4th time I have purchased the movies ) and I love the movies. I see them as a great visual aid to the books with so much done perfectly. For Example The Balrog is just beautiful on bluray as is Treebeard. Is their anything else you don't like or do you just not agree? Such as Narsil not being reforged for ages and Elrond actually being a bit of a plonker? Or is everything fair game as long as the movie is good?

    So what do you reckon? Excusable?

    And as The Hobbit looks like it is on it's way (so long as the lawyers sort themselves out) what changes do you dread for the proposed two movies?

    Edit; I know Helm's Deep should be spelt as two words but I type badly and am unsure how to change the title. Idiot, that I am.
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