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Thread: Orc/Uruk shamans canon or not?

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    Orc/Uruk shamans canon or not?

    Greetings everyone.
    I am currently writing a small piece of fluff regarding an Orc tribe and want to keep it as close to canon as possible.
    However I want the tribe to be under the rule of a degenerate shaman since I would like to have it a more worshiping tribe over a rough, rag tag tribe.

    The thing is though it's possible I believe sauron only taught the black arts to the black numenoreans and the nazgul. Are Orc shamans (I.e very minor magic i.e fury but still actual magic) possible in tolkiens world?


    P.S. Also I am also curious of the easterlings and their take on magic. For since I know men can at least learn black magic. i.e Black numenoreans, could the easterlings have been taught magic somehow?
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