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Thread: Infrequently Updated Mutant Beastmen Army Project

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    Re: Infrequently Updated Mutant Beastmen Army Project

    That spawn there has some amazing movement in it. While pretty great, the chaos spawn set also often seems a little aimless, and not just in the spawny way, when just assembled as is, but you really gave it a sense of direction. Well done.

    Also, in general: Love the crazy mutants and how much life you've put into the beastmen. I've always loved the plastic beastmen, but they've always been a little static and plain in their regular incarnation, but you really gave them life in both posing and painting.

    And dang, that pale skin color and that metal is amazing. So is the weird spawn, mutant, "the thing" on a tree, that almost looks like a painting, the way the skin is on that.

    And the crazy spawn with the tzeentch mouths on top is a wonderful explosion of horror and the new, pale paint job is great.
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