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Thread: Infrequently Updated Mutant Beastmen Army Project

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    Infrequently Updated Mutant Beastmen Army Project

    I have been slowly kitbashing/converting mutants from a list I made of the mutants that appear in The Enemy Within Campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition.

    When I say "slowly", I mean I began this about two years ago making about a dozen in a month and didn't get around to painting any until a few weeks ago!

    If I can stop myself from being distracted I was thinking it'd be a good idea to develop my plan a little further by making a working "counts as" army to play in Warhammer while still ticking off the models from my list.

    I placed a thread in The Warhammer general discussion forum asking for ideas as to what I could do. So far Beastmen and Empire seem to be the two best options. I was originally going to go with Beastmen as I had already painted up a regiment (when they were Beasts of Chaos as you can tell by the Gor/Ungor mix)

    However, now I'm thinking that an "Evil" mutant Empire army might be pretty nice to look at. I could even take Beastmen or WoC as allies.

    Anyway, for the time being I thought I'd post my efforts for your amusement. I'm nowhere near as proficient as half the modelers on this thing but maybe if I keep at it I'll improve.

    All advice and criticism is most welcome.

    So, here's a snap of my painted mutants so far:

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