I thought I would trial this. I'm unsure of how it will go, but I've had quite a few people PM-ing me asking me questions about ghosts and spirits, past-life regression, astral travel, power animals etc., so I thought I would start a thread where people can post their questions, and myself and others can do our best answer them.

The study of the supernatural/paranormal is bigger for me than Warhammer. I have been a student of these topics for 16 years, and over this time have accrued many books and tools, a great deal of knowledge and, most importantly, actual hands-on experience. I have seen and done some bizarre things, and I maintain an open mind, so please don't feel silly or embarrassed when asking about something strange.

I am also relatively well-versed in Christianity/Catholicism and Buddhism, so I have a fairly well-rounded view of the supernatural as it applies to religion and faith.

So please, if you have any questions or queries, or just need some clarification regarding the paranormal, feel free to ask away!