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    Games Workshop Inquisitor Release Timeline

    This is a list I’ve compiled (with help) of Games Workshop’s releases over the years, split by game system. I stress this is a work in progress; it is far from complete or comprehensive. It’s based on a mix of info from these forums, fellow forumites help and my White Dwarf collection. I never collected the specialist games magazines, so there are currently a lot of gaps for those.

    I'm sure there will be errors: things mis-categorised as plastic/metal kits, models in the wrong month, and some just plain missing. If you can help out with further info to improve this it would be greatly appreciated

    Note on *: I would like one day to give this a site of it's own, and as part of that I was to add images of models for easy identification. At the moment that project is firmly on hold for various reasons, but I'm still collecting images here and there. The asterisks mean I have an image for that thing.

    Some guidelines for inclusion:

    • Magazines, books, terrain, tools, paints and so on aren’t included: this is focused on models alone.

    • Also no kits that are just combinations of other kits (e.g. 13th Company Storm Claws).

    • I include it in brackets when a number of variants of one basic thing are done, e.g. if three goblin bosses are released it’s “Goblin Bosses (3)” rather than one entry for each. This usually only applies to leaders with different armaments and so on.
    Despite these issues I hope it might be an interesting or helpful resource for others. Many thanks to Tarax, Tae, Scryer in the Darkness, mrtn, gunmonkey, Ghudra, someone2040, Daniel36, coyote1066, Coach, MarcoSkoll, AsleepByDay and ADF for all their help.

    Red = Metal
    Blue = Plastic

    Sculptors/designers now included! Key:
    AH – Alex Hedstrom
    AM – Aly Morrison
    AP – Alan Perry
    BNa – Bob Naismith
    BN – Brian Nelson
    CG – Colin Grayson
    GM – Gary Morley
    JG – Jes Goodwin
    MB – Mark Bedford
    MH – Mark Harrison
    MP – Michael Perry
    SB – Steve Buddle
    SS – Steve Saleh
    TM - Trish Morrison

    March 2006
    Callidus Assassin
    Thorian Inquisitor (MB)

    January 2005
    Bounty Hunter (SS)

    November 2004
    Adeptus Arbites Judge (SB)

    September 2004
    Eversor Assassin (AM)

    August 2004
    Vindicare Assassin (AH)

    April 2004
    Imperial Citizens – Workers (2) (BNa)

    February 2004
    Crime Lord (BNa)

    December 2003
    Inquisitor Scarn
    Tau Water Caste

    September 2003
    Sister Repentia (BNa)
    *Inquisitor Lady Jena Orechiel (SB)

    July 2003
    Navis Nobilite (AH)
    Imperial Navy Boson (BNa)

    April 2003
    Mynarc the Unforgiven

    March 2003
    Daemonhuntress (MB)
    Familiar (JD)
    Unbound Daemonhost (BNa)

    December 2002
    Genestealer (MH)

    October 2002
    *Eldar Ranger (AH)
    Kroot Mercenary (MB)

    April 2002
    Kal Jericho

    November 2001
    Krashrak (CG)

    October 2001
    Damien Bloodhound (AP)
    Jan Van Yastobaal (GM)

    September 2001
    *Lucretia Bravus (MP)
    *Devotee Malicant (MH)
    Sergeant Stone (AP)
    *Severina & Sevora Devout (BN)

    August 2001
    *Witch Hunter Tyrus (GM)
    Enforcer Barbaretta (MP)
    *Cherubael (BN)
    Techpriest Tezla (GM)

    July 2001
    *Inquisitor Covenant (JG)
    *Duke Von Castellan (GM)
    *‘Slick’ Devlan (AP
    Simeon 38X (AP)
    Emissary Fabian (MP)

    June 2001
    *Inquisitor Eisenhorn (BN)
    *Quovandius (MP & TM)
    Magos Delphan Gruss (GM)

    May 2001
    *Preacher Josef (MB)
    *Brother Artemis (JG)
    *Damien 1427 (AP)
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