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    Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic Release Timeline

    This is a list I’ve compiled (with help) of Games Workshop’s releases over the years, split by game system. I stress this is a work in progress; it is far from complete or comprehensive. It’s based on a mix of info from these forums, fellow forumites help and my White Dwarf collection. I never collected the specialist games magazines, so there are currently a lot of gaps for those.

    I'm sure there will be errors: things mis-categorised as plastic/metal kits, models in the wrong month, and some just plain missing. If you can help out with further info to improve this it would be greatly appreciated

    Magazines, books, terrain, tools, paints and so on aren’t included: this is focused on models alone.

    I hope it might be an interesting or helpful resource for others. Many thanks to Tarax, Tae, Scryer in the Darkness, mrtn, gunmonkey, Ghudra, someone2040, Daniel36, coyote1066, Coach, MarcoSkoll, AsleepByDay and ADF for all their help.

    Note on *: I would like one day to give this a site of it's own, and as part of that I was to add images of models for easy identification. At the moment that project is firmly on hold for various reasons, but I'm still collecting images here and there. The asterisks mean I have an image for that thing.

    Sculptors/designers now included! Key:
    DA – Dave Andrews
    DP – Daren Parrwood
    JM - John Manders
    MA – Michael Anderson
    MB – Mark Bedford
    TA – Tim Adcock

    August 2007
    Adeptus Mechanicus - Battleship (MA)
    *Adeptus Mechanicus - Cruiser (MA)
    Adeptus Mechanicus - Light Cruiser (MA)

    January 2005
    Chaos - Terminus Est (MA & TA)

    October 2004
    Eldar - Yriel’s Flagship (DP)

    September 2004
    Eldar - Shadowhunter Escorts (DP)
    *Eldar - Dragonship (DP)
    Eldar - Wraithship (DP)

    April 2004
    Tau - Orbital Way Stations
    Tau - Messenger Class Escorts
    Kroot - Warsphere
    Nicassar Dhow
    *Rogue Trader Cruiser
    Rogue Trader Escorts

    December 2003: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

    October 2003
    Tau - Explorer Class Starship (TA)
    Tau - Merchant Class Starship (TA)
    Tau - Hero Class Starship (TA)
    Tau - Orca Class Starship (TA)
    Tau - Defender Class Starship (TA)

    July 2003
    Space Marines - Hunter Class Destroyer (JM)
    Space Marines - Nova Class Frigate (JM)
    *Space Marines - Gladius Class Frigate (JM)

    June 2003
    Chaos - Daemon Cruiser

    March 2003
    Imperium - Apocalypse Class Cruiser (MB)

    February 2003
    Orks - Gorbag’s Revenge Ork Ship (JM)
    Orks - Battleship Kroolboy (JM)
    Orks - Battleship Dethdeala (JM)
    Orks - Battleship Slambusta (JM)

    November 2002
    Imperium - Endeavour Class Light Cruiser (MB)
    *Imperium - Falchion Class Escort (MB)

    October 2002
    Dark Eldar - Torture Class Cruiser (JM)
    Dark Eldar - Corsair Class Escort (JM)

    August 2002
    *Tyranids - Razorfiend Hive Cruiser (MB)
    *Tyranids - Stalker Drone Ship (MB)

    May 2002
    Necrons - Cairn Class Tombship
    Necrons - Scythe Class Harvest Ship
    Necrons - Dirge Class Raiders
    Necrons - Jackal Class Raiders

    September 2001
    Imperium - Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser
    Imperium - Avenger Class Grand Cruiser
    Imperium - Exorcist Class Grand Cruiser
    Chaos - Executer Class Grand Cruiser
    Chaos - Retaliator Class Grand Cruiser

    November 1999
    Chaos - Planet Killer (TA)

    July 1999
    *Space Marines - Strike Cruiser (DA)
    *Space Marines - Battle Barge (DA)

    June 1999
    Imperium - Transport Ships (DA)
    *Chaos - Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser (TA)
    *Orks - Kill Kroozer (DA)
    *Orks - Terror Ship (DA)
    *Orks - Onslaught Ships (DA)
    Orks - Ravager Attack Ships (DA)
    *Orks - Savage Gunships (DA)
    *Orks - Brute Ram Ships (DA)

    May 1999
    *Chaos - Blackstone Fortress (TA)
    *Imperium - Dauntless Class Light Cruiser (DA)
    *Imperium - Firestorm Class Frigates (DA)
    *Imperium - Emperor Class Battleship (DA)
    *Chaos - Iconoclast Class Destroyers (TA)
    Chaos - Despoiler Class Battleship (TA)
    Eldar - Shadow Class Cruiser (TA)
    Eldar - Aconite Class Frigates (TA)
    Eldar - Hemlock Class Destroyers (TA)
    *Eldar - Eclipse Class Cruiser (TA)
    Eldar - Hellebore Class Frigates (TA)
    *Eldar - Nightshade Class Destroyers (TA)

    April 1999
    *Imperium - Cruisers (DA)
    *Imperium - Sword Class Frigates (DA)
    *Imperium - Cobra Class Destroyers (DA)
    *Imperium - Retribution Class Battleship (DA)
    *Chaos - Cruisers (TA)
    *Chaos - Infidel Class Raiders (TA)
    *Chaos - Idolator Class Raiders (TA)
    Chaos - Desolator Class Battleship (TA)

    March 1992
    Tyranids - Deathburner Kraken
    Imperial - Contellation Targeting Ship

    February 1992
    Tyranids - Hiveship
    Tyranids - Drones
    Tyranids - Spore Mines
    Tyranids - Dark Prowler
    Tyranids - War Drones
    Tyranids - Void Fiend
    Tyranids - Krakens (3)

    September 1991
    Imperial - Annihilator Battleship (JG)
    Imperial - Dictator Battleship (JG)
    Imperial - Thunderbolt Cruiser (JG)
    Imperial - Stalwart Escort Ship (JG)

    August 1991
    Imperial - Tyrant Battleship
    Imperial - Dominator Battleship
    Imperial - Goliath Factory Ship
    Imperial - Galaxy Troop Ship
    Imperial - Gothic Battleship
    Eldar - Shadowhunter
    Eldar - Wraithship

    July 1991: Space Fleet
    Imperial - Emperor Capital Ship
    Imperial - Gothic Battleship
    Imperial - Ironclad Battleship
    Imperial - Castellan Shield Ship
    Imperial - Firestorm Cruiser
    Imperial - Cobra Destroyer
    Eldar - Wraithship
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