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Thread: Games Workshop Blood Bowl Release Timeline (lots of gaps)

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    Games Workshop Blood Bowl Release Timeline (lots of gaps)

    This is a list I’ve compiled (with help) of Games Workshop’s releases over the years, split by game system. I stress this is a work in progress; it is far from complete or comprehensive. It’s based on a mix of info from these forums, fellow forumites help and my White Dwarf collection.

    I'm sure there will be errors: things mis-categorised as plastic/metal kits, models in the wrong month, and some just plain missing. If you can help out with further info to improve this it would be greatly appreciated

    Some guidelines for inclusion:

    • Magazines, books, terrain, tools, paints and so on aren’t included: this is focused on models alone.

    • Limited Edition models are a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to inclusion, I’m sure I have a lot of gaps with these, but they’re not strictly excluded or anything. I haven’t included models solely released within the big army sets (usually a standard bearer).

    • I include it in brackets when a number of variants of one basic thing are done, e.g. if three goblin bosses are released it’s “Goblin Bosses (3)” rather than one entry for each. This usually only applies to leaders with different armaments and so on.

    • I don’t include models released in starter sets except where they differ from existing models significantly. So the Island of Blood models count, but the Battle for Macragge ones don’t.
    Despite these issues I hope it might be an interesting or helpful resource for others. Many thanks to Tarax, Tae, Scryer in the Darkness, mrtn, gunmonkey, Ghudra, someone2040, Daniel36, coyote1066, Coach, MarcoSkoll, AsleepByDay and ADF for all their help.

    Note on *: I would like one day to give this a site of it's own, and as part of that I was to add images of models for easy identification. At the moment that project is firmly on hold for various reasons, but I'm still collecting images here and there. The asterisks mean I have an image for that thing.

    Sculptors/designers now included! Key:
    AC – Adam Clarke
    AM – Aly Morrison
    DT – Dave Thomas
    FP – Felix Paniagua
    GM – Gary Morley
    KA - Kev Adams
    MB – Mark Bedford
    MH – Mark Harrison
    NB - Nick Bibby
    NL – Neil Langdown
    PB – Phil Bowen
    SB – Steve Buddle
    SH – Shane Hoyle

    June 2009
    The Mighty Zug (NL)

    December 2008
    Griff Oberwald (NL)

    June 2005
    Reikland Reavers

    May 2005
    Human Team (MB)

    February 2005
    Skeleton with Chainsaw (MB)

    January 2005
    Dark Elf Poison Blades (MH)
    Skaven Poison Blade (AM)

    December 2004
    *Dwarf Deathroller (AM)
    Dwarf with Bomb (AM)
    Dwarf with Chainsaw (AM)

    September 2004
    Hubris Rakarth (AM)
    Jordell Freshbreeze (AM)

    May 2004
    Troll (AC)

    March 2004
    Varag Ghoulchewer (AM)
    Griff Oberwald (AM)

    January 2004
    Minotaur (AC)
    Ogre Cheerleader (FP)

    November 2003
    Vampire Team (SB)
    Necromancer Team Cheerleader (SB)
    Khemri Team Cheerleader (SB)
    Vampire Team Cheerleader (SB)

    August 2003
    Ramtutt III (PB)
    Zara the Slayer (SH)
    Necromancer Team
    Flesh Golem

    July 2003
    Elf Team (DT)
    Elf Cheerleaders (DT)

    February 2003
    Ogre (AM & MH)
    Ogre Thrower (AM & MH)

    December 2002
    Nurgle's Rotters (SB)

    September 2002
    Khemri Team (PB)

    October 2001

    July 2001
    *Lizardman Team (MB)

    July 1998
    Norse Team (GM)
    Human Team (GM)

    March 1995
    Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats Team (GM)
    Hekflem Skuttlespike (GM)
    Dwarf Death Roller (GM & NS)
    Chaos Mutants (3) (GM)
    Hthark the Unstoppable (GM)

    February 1995
    Atherlorn Avengers Team (GM)
    *Gnashrak Blackhoof (GM)
    Jordell Freshbreeze (GM)

    December 1994
    Skaven Mutants (4) (GM)
    Halflings (6) (GM)

    November 1994
    *Chaos All-Stars Team
    *Lord Borak the Despoiler (GM)

    October 1994
    Goblins (4)
    Horkon Heartripper (GM)
    Count Luthor Von Drakenborg (GM)

    September 1994
    Galadrieth Gladiators Team (GM)
    *Grudgebearers Team (GM)
    Prince Moranion (GM)
    Grim Ironjaw (GM)

    August 1994
    *Headsplitter (GM)
    *Skavenblight Scramblers (GM)

    July 1994
    Bomber Dribblesnot (GM)
    Varag Ghoul-Chewer (GM)
    Ripper Bolgrot (GM)

    June 1994: Death Zone
    *Morg'th N'throgg (GM)
    Griff Oberwald (GM)
    The Mighty Zug (GM)
    Fungus the Loon (GM)
    Champions of Death Team

    May 1994
    Nobbla Blackwort (GM)
    Scrappa Sorehead (GM)
    *Naggaroth Nightmares Team

    April 1994: Blood Bowl (3rd Edition)
    *Orcland Raiders Team

    August 1991
    Elf Team
    Eldric Sidewinder
    *Elf Cheerleader
    Dwarf Team
    Barik Farblast
    Flint Churnblade
    Dwarf Referee
    Dwarf Cheerleader
    Dwarf Death Roller (MP)
    Dorjak Sureclaw
    Wormhowl Grayscar
    Galmen Goreblade
    Duke Luthor Von Hawkfire
    Withergrasp Doubledrool
    Lewdgrip Whiparm
    Bilerot Vomit Flesh
    Slarga Foustrike
    Dieter Hammerslash
    Chaos Players (2)
    Chaos Cheerleader
    Chainsaw Wielding Loony

    July 1989
    Chaos Team
    Chaos Dwarf Team

    June 1989
    Treeman (MP & NB)
    Chainsaw Wielders (KA & MP)
    Ogres (BO)
    Ogre (M'Gorg'Gn'Throg) (BO)
    Minotaurs (BO)
    Minotaur (Bellow Thunderslam) (BO)
    Troll (Grograt Crunchskull) (BO)

    May 1989
    Snotlings (KA)

    April 1989
    Halfling Team (AP)
    Death Roller (MP)

    January 1989
    Goblin Fanatics (KA)

    December 1988
    Frank N Stein
    Chaos Warriors
    Skaven Mutant
    Beastman Mutant
    Dwarf with Bazuka
    *Dark Elf
    Orc Cyborg

    August 1988
    *Skaven Team

    July 1988
    Ogre (JG)
    *Troll (MP)

    June 1988: Blood Bowl (2nd Edition)
    Human Team

    May 1988
    Elf Team (JG)
    Orc Team (KA)
    Goblin Team (KA)
    Ogre (JG)

    May 1987

    January 1987: Blood Bowl (1st Edition)
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