Modular workshop system from

The theme that Bahior proposed for February partly motivated me to implement the plan, which I had been delaying for several months: namely, for the 10th anniversary of DansE MacabrE blog, I wanted to subject my painting workshop to deep renovation.

And so I disassembled the long table, which occupied a significant part of the incessant attic, and replaced it with two desks, which after folding gave a surface of so symbolic dimensions 120x120 cm, on which I set up a modular workshop system from and added second Velleman VTLAMP6 workshop lamp.

By the way, I cut out a light-scattering silver grille protecting the fluorescent lamps, thanks to which the work station was illuminated like a turf in a stadium during a football match of the national team.

As I wrote the topic invented by Bahior for the February edition of Miniatures Blog Carnival, he was one of the motivators, the other was the designer from allowing for independent design of the stand.

The program, which will soon be available on the website, allows you to freely arrange the modules on a given work surface, thanks to which I could easily set up the workplace in the end, and a few clicks remained to wait for the courier with the order.

Folding the modules took me two evenings and did not cause much difficulty, but apparently after the fight with the kitchen from IKEA no furniture is a challenge.

Either way, the process of sticking modules is in itself a good fun, and these are connected with each other using neodymium magnets, so when sticking, remember to set the poles correctly, but also reminds you of a clear bilingual instruction attached to each module.

What is more to write here, I am pleased with the renovation of the workshop and the only thing I regret is the fact that I delayed it for so long.

In the pictures below you can see how my workshop desk looks today. If you are thinking about buying a modular workshop system, I recommend it.

I will publish more detailed photos, including the contents of the drawers, on another occasion. First, I have to move into the new workshop for good and unpack tools, accessories and accessories stuck in different cartons.

And what does your workshop look like? Ladies and gentlemen, please show photos in the comments.