Recruitment: Slayers from Karak Kadrin

Because I like to paint Dwarf miniatures, especially those that have been of legal age for a long time, Mort didn't have to persuade me to paint him a company of dwarven trollslayers for Warheim FS for a long time. The more that he undertook to play them during the March Warheim FS tournament.

And so, as part of the break in the construction of Teufelsberg, I decided to take a break from the village model and devote a few evenings to painting oldschool miniatures, and at the same time practice contrast painting on other models.

The first step is the conversion of several trollslayers to a standard-bearer and musician, who have since wielded their attributes and the buccaneer who received one gun each.

In addition, the Tan miniatures received a tasteful dragonskin coat, the master engineer a new ax iron and a pistol, and they both attached Dwarf bucklers to their belt.