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Thread: Family Guy had a good point....

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    Re: Family Guy had a good point....

    thats what air raids are, quick and subtle.... until the first few rounds are fired then its anything but subtle. But then it ends almost as quickly, just as soon as they ditch the ring, they get out, i mean with access to great eagles, stubborn or not (i mean in the end they showed up to help, would it have been so hard to get them to lend a few like minded eagles who were willing to take the risk,) you effectively have a SpecOps strike team equipt with little birds (literally.)

    And it wouldn't have been any more obvious than the 9 walking to mt doom and stirring up trouble every mile. in fact by the time they got wind of it (even with the eye of sauron) they would probably already be landing at mt doom (and lets face it, legolas would knock out any air power they could send to try and counter them,) and bows from the ground wouldn't have the range to hit them in the air, so ground based def against them would be useless.

    It just seems to me that they should have thought through their options more when they were discussing their options..
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