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Thread: Family Guy had a good point....

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    Re: Family Guy had a good point....

    So long as the moon is not full you would be FAR less noticeable flying high and even if you were noticed your to high for them to hit you with arrows (and dropping the ring into the volcano from the air wouldn't be THAT hard with some practice,) helicopters make a lot more noise than birds, and those are used to get past modern perimeters undetected, you just gotta be smart about it.

    While yes the eagles do become Deus Ex Machina, it also saves the elves from dying to a man at Helms Deep (yes they die epicly, but they didn't have to) it stops the final battle where tons of people die who again, didn't have to.

    Just seems to me that they should have sat there at their council for 5 more minutes and thought through ALL their options.

    and for the record, Family Guy has TONS of good points and ideas, I never would have gotten my car to fly if they hadn't told me to fill it with jet fuel.

    edit: im not saying that the great eagles are like slaves, but they seem to have some intelligence as they knew when Gandalf needed help, and when they needed help during the last battle.
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