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Thread: What Makes Ogres Fun and tactically variable in 8th?

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    What Makes Ogres Fun and tactically variable in 8th?

    A discussion was starting towards this effect on another thread of mine, and since I don't mean to practice thread-o-mancy, I'm wondering what it is that makes Ogres 'more fun' in this edition of warhammer. I played a 1000 pt battle with them at the death of 7th, and they didn't seem all that interesting (either at ranged combat, magic, or combat) in a tactical sense.

    But I think I'm missing something... and I also haven't thrown down with them in 8th

    So can you spell out some of the changes for me, or some of the ways in which Ogres can be seen as a tactically variable force that's suited to someone who enjoys fielding different units in different games, in interesting ways?

    That is, I don't enjoy the concept of a static list, and am worried that Ogre tactics are kind of one-dimensional, and that their list is also rather lacking in its number of unit options to choose from.

    Am I wrong? If I am, convince me to build upon the Ogre battalion + Butcher + Tyrant that I currently own
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