Very big tanks. I'm making this a seperate log due to the fact I'm not sure if I will use these for the Soviet/Valhallan army. And its a big project aswell. I mean 4 ultra heavies?

Some of you may have seen the leviathan posted in the Tread Head thread before, and will know about the scale discussion and my opinion on the scale.

They are based on my Stormhammer chassis which is fair size larger than a Baneblade so they are still big.

The original Epic model was not massive. And the rules supported this, tho the rules did change over the years to make the transport capaicty larger.

"Leviathans are Mobile Command centres, co-ordinating the attack and lending their heavy firepower where it is most needed. Within its huge armoured hull, squads of Imperial Guard stand ready to pour into battle."

Original weapons:
Doomsday Mega-Cannon
2 x Turret Batteries"

Later changed to have more weapons, such as the battle cannon, 12 bolters and such like.

First of;
Leviathan #1: Command and Control. Doesn't have the Battlecannon turret and instead has more sensors in its place. Also has 12xHeavy Bolters rather than lascannons for close protection. Radar and Quad AA Autocannons on the rear.

More to come