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Thread: HELP with empty paint pots!!!

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    HELP with empty paint pots!!!

    Hello. Let me explain what I need.

    I'm trying to get the paint pots that Coat d'Arms, P3, FoundryPaintSystem and other brands use to sell their paints.

    Do these pics remember anything to you?
    If your answer it's yes, it's because you are a little old (XD) and have known the old citadel paint pots!

    Yes! Those freaking awesome, old, and inmortal paint pots, were quite the same that the 3 brands I mentioned are using NOW. Why did GW stopped using such amazing paint containers? Simply cause they are GW and wanted "moar and moar money" and nowadays they sell those terrible pots, with 12ml. less value for money, and they are sure you'll need another one before you can use all the paint, because it will dry first. Well, this is another story.
    (But, for you, who don't have the privilege of having one of the old pots, let me say that they are some posts, pics and reports, that show that even 15-year old pots still mantain paints FRESH and USABLE in those pots!)

    Short story, under the bottom of these pots says:
    Plysu 1859/X

    I'm trying to get 100+ of these empty paint pots to move all my citadel, metallics, washes, inks, vallejo and foundation paints to these pots and throw to the bin all the other. The thing is, the only supplier I've found it's CdA, and they sell every pot for half a pound!

    Then we get to the matter of this post: How can I get those pots cheaper?
    Anyone from the UK that can research a little about PLYSU?I wish I could make some phone calls and ask about it, but I'm far far away and I can't :cries:
    Do you know another brand that uses these pots and sell them empty??

    Any help would be welcomed.

    FYI: those dirty paint pots are not mine! xD
    Mine look quite better B)
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