Hi Peoples,

I was thinking about it recently, and I came upon the notion that there is an existing basis for a load more variant of Marine vehicles. The idea stems from the IMO underused Cyclone/Typhoon Missile Launchers (Now abbreviated to CTMLs ).

They could be used as sponsons on a variant of the Land Raider, probably the standard Phobos pattern as they are quite heavy weapons. Costed around the same, I would think it would make an interesting addition from Fluff, Model and Rules perspectives.

A CTML could be used as the turret weapon of a Predator, it's about the right size IMO and would make for a cool looking model.

It could also be used on the Dread, as a replacement for the overcosted and underused standard missile launcher. Again, it would make an interesting change to the standard Twin Autocannon "Rifleman" set up, for a few more points. And the look of a single Dread having 2 of these and firing two spinning smoke trails is quite appealing to me.

Just thought I would share my musings .