Well, I`ve seen several threads reviewing the film, but I couldn`t find one on this topic, so I thought I`d start one.

First off, has anyone not received their copy of "Ultramarines: The Movie"? I pre-ordered mine in November and I still haven`t received it. I heard they were distributing them in the order they received orders...but my order was placed even before the original release date. I DO live on the other side of the earth (Japan), but now I see the movie available for order on some Japanese websites/ auction sites, so I know other people in this country have got their copies.

I shot off two emails to "Create Distribution" earlier in the month, but I haven`t received any contact from them back. I checked the site again and I can`t find a phone number listed anywhere. So, essentially, if they keep ignoring my emails, I have no way to contact them. I paid off that purchase (on my credit card) months ago, so I don`t think can cancel the purchase that way. Have I been robbed by the Ultramarines? Is there nothing I can do?

I`d be grateful if anyone could give me some advice - especially if they had similar trouble getting their copy. Thanks.

Almighty Nocturnus