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    Death Skulls


    I'm a newcomer to this forum and I only really started posting on Warseer a couple of months ago after starting my Mutant Empire log.

    I've never played 40k. That's not to say I'm completely new to the hobby: I have bought three versions of the rules over the years, Rogue Trader being my first, but I just never got around to giving it a go.

    Anyway, I bought AoBR last year and finally got around to assembling the Orks (A friend of mine assures me he's going to build the Marines but I suspect I may be doing those too).

    I do not yet possess the Ork codex but I've done a bit of research here and there and the clan that most appeals is the Deff Skulls (or Death Skulls?).

    Here is my test mini. I did it today. Not enough blue but you get the general idea: rust, verdigris and dirt - usual stuff.

    The axe handle was meant to look like this but I don't think it's very successful:

    I think I need to incorporate more blue but other than that I'm quite pleased as this is the first Ork I've done.

    More to follow when I get the time
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