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Thread: Building the Orkmada - BFG Orks

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    Building the Orkmada - BFG Orks


    Firstly, just a quick bit about me. I've been marauding Warseer for over two years now and have learned a lot from other members. I've been into Warhammer on and off since I was 12 (16 years! Arrgghhh!!!).

    I had these Battlefleet Gothic Orks for ages but never really played. After a big move I sold them off so they would actually see some action with others. Now, however, I am motivated to build myself a new fleet of greenskins!

    Inspired heavily by Ironhands and the excellent work on Easy E's scratchbuilding thread I went ahead and bought myself one of the Imex Chemical Plants.

    I'll be basing the whole fleet on this kit, check out all the pieces! Over 300 bits in one box, I'll be using plasticard and pieces from my bitz box too.

    Here's the equipment I'll be using for the project. Metal snips and brass wire for pinning the pieces, a selection of cutters and needle files for tidying up them up. Just wanted to show you guys what I'm using so others can get an idea of how easy this is!

    And here's a test kroozer I've been working on, you can see the general idea I've got for how I want these ships to look. Lots of ribbing and tubes to bulk out the hull, I'll be adding to this before its finished.

    The objective for all this? I'm going to show how simple scratchbuilding Ork warships can be and in the process build myself a fleet of Ork Marauders. Hopefully some of you will get some ideas of your own from this, criticisms and suggestions very much appreciated!!
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