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Thread: Ace XT's Catachans (not really a log)

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    Ace XT's Catachans (not really a log)


    As this thread is approaching its tenth anniversary, I figured I might as well edit in a proper introduction. What started as a random collection of photos from a (now sadly defunct) FLGS slowly grew into a log of my Guard projects. Hence, the thread title hasn't been accurate for many years now - it really is a log. As my painting and photography skills improved, you'll see better images and more detailed reports on works in progress in the later posts. Moreover, it may take months or years for another update to show up, but eventually, I will find an excuse to build another Guard tank. Some of these will be vanilla GW, others Forge World, and yet others will be from third party manufacturers. I'm always happy to answer questions, although I may not notice replies right away. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the following images.

    EDIT: Original post starts here

    Since I don't have a decent camera, I haven't been able to document my 40K projects so far. However, my FLGS was nice enough to take some photos before today's game, and given this rare opportunity, I felt like sharing. That also means I won't be able to update this thread in a regular fashion, and as my army is complete for now, there won't be any work in progress. That being said, I hope some of you enjoy these grainy images.

    EDIT: Most image links on page 1 are dead, and I repaired just a handful. Page 2 is fine.

    The infantry, set up as Veterans. Most of those are 2nd ed. metal Catachans, except for a squad built from command squad parts.

    There's a huge time gap between those tanks. I painted the Basilisk and the old Chimera in the late 1990s, in glowing emerald green. When I reactivated my Guard this year, I didn't bother to repaint them and just added a stubber to the Chimera. The rest was done this year, using airbrush and Revell paints.

    The Armageddon-pattern Medusa is my pride and joy, and the interior detail on the kit is mind boggling. See below:

    There's a ton of detail below the floor there, which is just impossible to see once the Medusa has been assembled.

    Some might remember the Huey Valkyrie from its own thread here. At last, it is seeing some action, and after crashing last game thanks to the squadron rules (damn you!), it survived today.

    I'll try and get some pics of my other units, but that's it for now.
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