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Thread: Speedfreek's Harlequinade Macabre - Dark Eldar WIP

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    Speedfreek's Harlequinade Macabre - Dark Eldar WIP

    Everyone is starting a new Dark Eldar army and I want to jump on the train aswell.

    The Harlequinade Macabre will be painted and converted as a travelling circus in bright colours but still with a bit of grimdark...

    Here is a summary of some of what I have been doing up untill now:

    The Razorwing is the most recent addition

    Archon/Vect and the Baron, followed by some Incubi

    Blood Bride

    A Ravager

    Painted Wyches

    2000 points!

    My Venoms made by just using the new Dark Eldar Range.
    They're built by the top back part of a Ravager and two Reaver Jetbikers.
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