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What, and that's better than deliberately making him angry, giving him even more reason to want to grab whatever power he can? I'd much rather content him, fulfilling his ambition by allowing him to take the Phoenix Throne, but formally laying out the limits of its power (military position only, at all times other than war can only make decisions affecting Nagarythe, other Princes must vote to allow Phoenix King to take command, Elven nations reserve the right to withold (sp?) their forces from Phoenix King's command). Sort of like a United Nations position, but only responsible for matters of war.
Yup, so would I. Honestly there are many ways the nobles of the first council could have handled the situation, but they thought they could get away with it, which turned out to be a rather mixed bag in that regard.

Conversely Malekith could have done things differently as well, his retinue being the only armed and armoured one, he could have simply killed those who "voted" against him there and then for high treason, or if he wanted to make it look good have them "arrested" and put up some show trials. Just because you think you have the "right" to "vote" on somehing doesn't mean you're still not committing treason against your rightful king